7 “To Do” list for women to improve their happiness

to do list

According to 25,000 American women users of Happybility aged 18-45 married, singles and divorced, we have compiled a list of 7 common denominators on how to be happy.


1. Do your favorite thing in life

If you can still do it then by all means do!

Do it at least once a month, it is better to be spontaneous about it but not necessary.


2. Today you are the most beautiful person in the world


Wear what makes you feel good and flatters you. Feel the most beautiful ever.

It is important not to plan it out but rather do it spontaneously when you wake up with a good mood for it.

Remember it doesn’t matter what others are saying and thinking but rather be with yourself with all your heart – today is your day and you are the most beautiful person on earth!

If you decide it then it’s a done deal. Get into the groove. Feel like that and everyone will feel it too.

3. Day of loving by your BF or husband

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(Those of you who don’t have a BF or that your relationship isn’t going so well, can talk directly with women in your status on Happybility and learn from their life’s experiences just like we are doing here). If someone there is thinking the same as you,turn her into your companion and create a true friendship).

If your relationship is adequate and beyond – then ask your hubby to dedicate a day to you, one day that he will only think about your happiness and not about himself for a change.

Let him compliment you, love you and pamper you. Go out or once in a blue moon let him cook for you, whatever makes you happy.

If he gives you that crocked look then promise him you’ll return the favor and give him his day.

4. Spend a day with a friend

Take one afternoon off to spend with your friend. Go shopping together, talk about your life and spend some quality time with her. Do it full heartedly. Craft yourself some quiet and enjoyable time even if it’s only for that one day, it is worth it to be free.

5. Family

If you have kids then dedicate one day to them. It’s better to dedicate it to each one of them separately if you have the time.

If you don’t have any kids then focus on someone you really care.

On that day your goal is to make that person happy, to make it an unforgettable day for him or her.

You wouldn’t believe how much strength and happiness there is in giving a 100% of yourself for someone else.

6. Take the day for yourself

to do list 3

For one day be totally ego centric and only see and care about yourself, your desires and your needs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just chilling and watching TV and consuming your favorite snacks or going shopping -just have fun without any strings attached, without thinking of your diet/money or what will happen tomorrow (it will come anyway so don’t spend your thoughts on it), simply free yourself without any regrets!!!

7. Repeat everything at least once a month 

Make a reminder to yourself to read this article every month!

You deserve such a routine.

You deserve to be the happiest woman alive at least for a couple of days each month, to be the most beautiful, the most loved, the most loving of others and of yourself.

If you want to find what suits you exactly, your age, your mood and your status then enter Happybility and get inspired by other women, learn from their life’s experiences.

Create an everlasting friendship with the women you like and if they are smart enough and suitable for your needs, escort them and let them escort you on a daily basis or whenever you need something for yourself.

It’s amazing how good it feels to be in a loving and supportive environment.

You are the most beautiful person in the world!