Happybility™- gain prespective of everything in your life

Happybility™ is a friendly community of people just like you. Find out why some people are really happy with their work, home, love life, and more. Compare, discuss, share and learn from their experience and stories – in an anonymous, safe, and supportive way.

Thousands of our community’s members helped each other improve the way they go through their day.

Happybility connects you to real people, so you can:

● Discuss personal daily dilemmas without the fear of being judged.
● Get practical ideas from real people for anything from “how to get the husband more involved” to “how to find true love.”
● Share your frustrations with people you can relate to.
● Are you happier in love than others in the community? In Career? Find out.

Happybility is liberating: you can create or join groups with others who’ve been there, done that.
You decide whose opinions matter. Keep groups with up to 6 virtual companions open for regular consultations and you can delete any of your discussions without leaving a trace.

No strings attached.

No ego.

No regrets.

The Happybility Engine™ – find other users according to various demographic filters and create groups where you can talk to them and draw from their experience. This is designed to provide you with some much-needed perspective on your own life by truly understanding how other people feel. It’s more fun discovering it through trying the app.