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You can compare your relationship to other couples in your age and status. You can talk to people with exactly the same profile as your spouse about your issues and get all the right answers. See how they handle their daily dilemmas, and should you do it the same way?
Draw from their life’s experiences.

  • You can talk and learn from others- is marriage worth it…
  • Tired of fighting with your spouse? See how others in the same status as yours are avoiding troubles in their relationships.
  • Talk to singles and see if they are happier than you.
  • Your spouse doesn’t help you? Talk to others and see how they are handling it.
  • See how the other gender thinks about everything and better understand your spouse. Find your relationship “guru”.
  • Your spouse is not giving you enough attention? Talk to others and see how they keep their spouse wrapped around their finger.

Compare any aspect of your life to married people with the same profile as yours…

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What’s the best age to get married? Compare different age groups.

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