See how other parents handle their daily dilemmas, and should you do it the same way?
Make other parents who will truly understand you as your life companions so they’ll be there for you throughout the whole journey.

Get all the answers from parents who’ve been there, done that:

  • Your kids are giving you a hard time – talk to other parents of your age and see how they handle it
  • Your family thinks that your job as a mom is to clean their mess, learn from other moms how to handle it.
  • See what others like you are doing with their kids in situations of your choice and what are the results of their doing.
  • Should you make a baby to strengthen your marriage?
  • A new baby – Happiness or bankruptcy?
  • How to raise your kids the right way?
  • Do kids who are engaged in outer school activities are happier?

Amazing facts:

501-5000 newyellow iconMarried couples with kids aged ten and above are happier with their sex life.

couple with kids

more than 5000 iconMarried men with kids are happier than men without kids. Talk with them.

501-5000 newyellow iconOnly 20% of the parents are happy with their child’s level of education at the school. See which school was graded with the highest level of education

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